SeVision 3D GX 3.0 MicroPerf
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    SeVision 3D GX is the world's premier passive 3D coating. It is recognized and preferred by 3D licensing companies world-wide, and one of the few home theater screen surfaces that is RealD approved. With a signal-to-noise ratio up to 250:1 at a 2.4 gain, ghosting rarely occurs. Because of the amazing uniformity of gain and texture, the SeVision 3D GX may also be used for 2D projection. The SeVision 3D GX coating is water-based, which prolongs the life of the screen material and gain. A proprietary and unique seam welding process ensures our screens have no visible seams under projection conditions. Advanced 100% water based coating technology and application processes ensure a smooth finish and consistent brightness across the entire screen surface with no degradation of gain or extinction ratio over time.

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    On-Axis Gain3.0 gain
    Half Gain Off-Center Viewing Angle22 degrees
    Half Gain Cone Viewing Angle44 degrees
    Material Thickness12.5 mil
    Minimum Recommended Seating Distance6'
    Seamless Maximum Height60"
    Perforation Hole Size0.55mm
    Open Area7%
    Hole Spacing3.4mm
    Ambient Light ResistanceLow
    4K Viewing CompatibleYes
    Active 3D Viewing CompatibleYes
    Passive 3D Viewing CompatibleYes
    Lay-Flat QualityExcellent
    Mildew ResistanceYes
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