Large Studio Electric Cinema Projection Screens

Large Studio Electric Cinema Projection Screens


  • Made-to-order, fully-customizable screens in any size up to 27'4" (8.33 m) wide.
  • Available in Matte White, Stellar White, and SeVision 3D GX
  • All material options are available in Non-Perf, Standard-Perf, and Micro-Perf.
  • Tab Tensioned

Large Motorized Cinema Screens

Severtson Giant SeVision 3D GX projection screens are ideal for large venues where the screen needs raised and lowered, such as in an opera or play house with a large stage environment.

They are the perfect solution for multi-purpose auditoriums, such as in commercial, university, house of worship, and pro AV situations that require large commercial or cinema-sized screens, but not in a permanent static installation.Large Stuido Electric motorized projection screens are available in all offered gain levels as well as in non-perf, cinema (standard) perf, and microperf so the soundstage can be placed behind the screen similar to premier movie theatres.

Premium Quality

SeVision 3D GX Giant Electric Motorized projection screens are the first giant electric high quality 3D screens available on the market at larger cinematic sizes. Due to recent advances in Severtson's folded screen technology and coating, these large electric cinema screens can now be rolled up and down frequently without damaging the screen coating.

Screen Materials

Size Limitations

  • Maximum screen width: 27'4" (8.33 m)